Specialising in New School tattooing, Pete loves anything bold, vivid and filled with colour! However, that is not where Sweet-Pete’s talents end. Pete can lend his hand to a plethora of different styles and subject matter with no challenge to big!



Arthur Blow

Joining Inkredible Kreations in 2016, Arthur, hailing from Salford, England, generally works in black and grey. Specialising in portraiture and realism, he also enjoys traditional oriental pieces while keeping his art very stylised with an illustrative quality.




Dan, AKA The People’s Champ has been with us since since early 2017. A Perth local boy that can be seen at the local skate park when we actually manage to get him to take a day off! This handsome joker has thrown himself into tattooing head first! With a veracious appetite for trying out new tattoo styles and techniques.



Isla McDonald

Info Coming Soon!

Isla McDonald


Mhairi Scorgie

Meet Mhairi (pronounced mah-ree), one part Jonnhy Cash, one part Calamity Jane – Mhairi is our resident Woman in Black. The hippy/goth love child of Edgar Allan Poe and Edward Scissorhands, Mhairi is a fan of the macabre, the dark and the delicately detailed. Fine lines and dotwork tickle her witchy pickle but ask for some colour, and you shall receive with open arms and a smile.



Kris Dye

The newest member to the team, is our hairy monstrosity, Kris. After completing a degree in Fine Art, Kris joined Inkredible Kreations as an apprentice but is now a fully fledged member of the team. When he’s not tattooing, you’ll more than likely find him on a stage somewhere wailing into a mic, his luscious locks glistening under stage lights.

Kris Dye




Commander and Chief, Captain of the ship, and all round fire-cracker, Clair, is the driving force behind Inkredible Kreations and all it encompasses. When she’s not cracking whips and making everything run like a well lubed machine, she can be found carving wood, lino and whatever else she can get her little mitts on! With a keen eye for design and penchant for the detailed, Clair is the humble bread of our meaty, cheesy, tattoo sandwich. With no Clair, there would be no Inkredibles.




When Stu’s not defending the 41st Millennium from the Emperium of Man and Xenos, he can be found manning the helm of the SS Inkredible. With a background in black and white artistic photography and kicking-ass, Stu and his gravity defying hair, take care of business. If you want to book in – he is your man! If you want to buy a voucher – he is your man! If you just fancy a cuppa and a cuddle – he is definitely your man! The sticky glue that holds the Inkredible Kreations team together, Stu is the bee knees. Be like Stu.